Thursday, March 3, 2011

Proof Of The Powerless

With the Current increase in popularity Of both Six Samurai and Machina decks i figured this card is where i would start this seriese, Gonna try to do one card a week.

Proof of Powerlessness

Activating this card during your opponent's turn as an impromptu "Raigeki" substitute is the most effective use of this card, since it makes the only real 'draw back' utterly neutralized.

Use high-leveled monsters that can be easily summoned to the field, such as:
"Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast"
"Gorz the Emissary of Darkness"
"Beast King Barbaros"
"Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur"
"Metal Reflect Slime"
"Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight"
"Behemoth the King of All Animals"
"Montage Dragon"
"The Dark Creator"
"Dark Armed Dragon"
"Fog King"
"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon"
"Dark Nephthys"
"Machina Fortress"
"Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon"
"Any Melific Monster"

You can use this card during your opponent's turn to avoid the 'not being able to attack' drawback.

A high-leveled dragon can be easily summoned by "Decoy Dragon".

This card is highly effective against Blackwing, Six Samurai, And Plant Decks as the most likely scenario is they would have at least three monsters at or below level five.

Since it is rare that people use Tuner Monsters above level five, you can use this card when a Tuner is summoned to the field.

Ironically, this card works well against and with Synchro Monsters. It can, as mentioned above, easily destroy Tuners and Sychro material. However, it can also be comboed with popular, high-level Synchroes such as Stardust and Armor Master to clear the opponents field.

For Hopeless Dragon decks, this card is good tech against annoying cards that can lock you down like "Victoria" and "Consecrated Light".

Use this card with the following spell cards and their respective monsters, as they also prevent them from attacking:
"Dark Magic Attack" and "Dark Magician".
"Inferno Fire Blast" and "Red-Eyes B. Dragon".

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